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Over 70 years of Bay Area Body Acceptance!

Sequoians is The San Francisco Bay Area’s
membership-based Destination For Nude Recreation

Sequoians is not a retreat or resort, but is a social nude membership club which caters to its members, affiliated club members, members guests, and new visitors considering membership.  Our members and potential members can enjoy nude recreation in our safe and family friendly forest park-like setting.   Sequoians is a co-operative; members pool together to create fun activities and events — it is also a place where our members can enjoy a day of nude relaxation, tanning, swimming, hot-tubing, camping, hiking, wildlife, bird watching, lawn games and other activities.  During the club’s Open Season* visitors may visit three times on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays before deciding if they’d like to apply for membership.  Membership entitles them continued access onto Sequoians’ grounds for the purpose and enjoyment of nude recreation.

Visitors are welcome Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only. (10am-5pm)
Affiliated members may make special arrangements – please contact us.

*Our club’s Open Season is April through October.
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Saturday, September 22nd

RE: Jamaica Day

We will be up to decorate in the morning. The food and bar will be open from 12N – 4PM. Music before, during and after of course. We do not run it late so as not to conflict with the potluck as we want people hungry for that. (and as usual, any leftover food we donate for that) There will be the Dirty Banana/Red Stripe Bar with Irie lunch available for purchase.

We again will be having this on the pool deck lounge above the hot tub. We need all the tables and chairs cleared out and to have (3) folding tables set up in the space ahead of time please. We also need the large, long cooler cleaned and brought up there, in addition to (2) other coolers. If some ice can be set aside to keep the beers cold as well as for the drinks, that would be helpful.

We will not be up at the club until this day as Paul has not been well and is presently under a doctor’s care due to his compromised immune system. He cannot be around anyone during this delicate time so as not to get exposed to anything and risk infection.

Side bar for Harriet: please let me know if both blenders we purchased are in working order, and also advise how much and what type of rum and tequila (or margarita mix) are there so I know what to purchase. Please make sure we have a cash box with $100 in small bills.

We are very much looking forward to healthier days and fun in the sun with our dear friends.


Nudes-in-the-Hall: Aerobic Yoga #3
Sunday, September 23rd  (12:00 – 1:00 p.m.)

WHAT TO BRING: A yoga mat or a towel.

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Job Opening at Sequoians – See posting HERE.

More information for new visitors at either  first time visitors. or Visiting Sequoians

Operating as a bona fide nudist club, Sequoians is a social membership organization,
incorporated and operated by our members.

As a visitor, you have the opportunity of visiting three times
before considering if this is the right club for you.
See our rates page for Membership levels.

The Sequoians, Inc.
10200 Cull Canyon Road, Castro Valley, CA 94552
Email: sequoians@gmail.com
Phone: 510-582-0194

If you need directions to Sequoians, you’ll find those on our site, as well.

During Open Season (April-October), Sequoians office hours are weekends/holidays: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Please Note:  Our Associate Members, visitors, or potential members,
are welcome on weekends and holidays during Open Season only.
(You may phone or email us at anytime and we will get back to you as soon as we can.)

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