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Enjoy Social Nudity in The San Francisco Bay Area


The Sequoians is a private, family-friendly, clothes-free, nudist recreation park in a beautiful oak, bay and madrone foothill forest. We are located in a warm micro-climate in the center of the East Bay, 33 miles from San Francisco. Our secluded club in Castro Valley Canyonlands offers a private and safe environment to enjoy social nude recreation. The Sequoians is a social membership club owned and operated by its members. Our members are the foundation of our Club and we all strive to make our club friendly and enjoyable.

Members share a variety of occupations and lifestyles. Some are married and some are single, young and old, and with and without children. Whoever we are, we all share the desire to participate in social nudism.

Nude recreation is surprisingly relaxing and freeing. Although no body is physically “perfect”, we´re all completely accepted just as we are. A day at Sequoians can relieve the stress in your everyday life. We value the diversity of every member, visitor and guest.

The Sequoians is the oldest established nudist facility in the Bay Area, incorporated in 1947. We are a charter member of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and International Naturist Federation (INF).


Established 1947.

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