Open Season

We are open on weekends from April 1 through October 31 for Members and Potential Members.

We are open all year Monday through Friday for Full Members only.


You can arrive/depart via Uber or Lyft, but you must pre-arrange an exact pickup time for departure prior to arriving at the club via your phone app.

Uber and Lyft apps do not operate at the club due to limited internet access for cell phones.

First Time Visitors

Information For First Time Visitors

Sequoians is a clothes-free club and all visitors are expected to be nude while on the premises. But we are here to help you adjust.

    • The club is located past the end of the paved portion of Cull Canyon Road in Castro Valley (approximately six miles from Crow Canyon Road and Highway 580).  Follow Cull Canyon Road until it ends.  Then continue onto the unpaved portion of the road until you reach the club office.
    • After you leave the paved roadway (past the Sequoians sign), you will stay to the right until you come an intersection.  At the intersection you will bear left and then stay to the right up a slight hill.  Follow the “arrow” shaped Sequoians sign on the right side of the roadway.  You will also see an overhead sign with multiple addresses to help guide your way.
    • Eventually you will come to a white metal gate that is always open when the club is accepting visitors.  Just past the gate is a parking lot and the club office is in the small building with an American Flag on the left.
      Note: You can arrive via Uber or Lyft, but you must pre-arrange an exact pickup time prior to arriving at the club via your phone app. Uber and Lyft apps do not operate at the club due to limited internet access for cell phones.

When you arrive, park in the lot and come into the office. It is not necessary to remove your clothing at this point (although you are welcome to do so.) You will be greeted at the registration desk, asked to show identification, fill out a registration form and pay fees (fees differ based on various factors and all that will be explained to you.) Please be aware that the registration staff, other visitors and members in the area will likely be nude but will not be bothered by your presence.

After you are properly registered, a staff volunteer will be available to give you a tour of the facilities.  We strongly recommend you leave your clothing in your car prior to the tour. Remember everyone at the club will be naked and anyone wearing clothes will seem out of place.

If you are not comfortable removing your clothing at this point, the staff will be able to provide an abbreviated tour that does not include those areas where most members gather. However, if you have made it this far, it’s probably time to go the rest of the way and get naked.

If it is your intention to enjoy the remainder of your day at the club, you should bring your pool “supplies” (sun screen, towels, food, drinks) with you on the tour. You can leave you car in the main parking lot by the office for the remainder of the day.



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