Open Season

We are open on weekends from April 1 through October 31 for Members and Potential Members.

We are open all year Monday through Friday for Full Members only.


You can arrive/depart via Uber or Lyft, but you must pre-arrange an exact pickup time for departure prior to arriving at the club via your phone app.

Uber and Lyft apps do not operate at the club due to limited internet access for cell phones.

Policies & Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

Getting nude around others feels great, and to make sure the experience is safe and enjoyable for all, we ask that you follow some simple rules:

  • Members, their guests, and visitors are required to be nude while on the grounds, weather permitting, with the exception of designated locations during designated clothing-optional events.
  • When nude, always sit on a towel or wrap when you sit on any surface.
  • A soap shower is required before entering the pool and hot tub.
  • Neither clothing nor swimwear shall be worn in the pool or hot tub at any time. Diapers are allowed.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted on the grounds unless accompanied by a parent or guardian or prior written permission is secured from the parent or guardian.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be supervised by a parent/guardian while using the pool.
  • Cameras and devices capable of photography are prohibited on the grounds without an authorized photography pass. Nobody shall take photos of anyone unless permission is explicitly given by all parties involved. This includes anyone in the background.
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted on the pool deck, hot tub area, office, rec hall or any hiking trails.
  • Absolutely no glass containers are allowed within the gated pool and hot tub area.
  • Any person convicted of crimes of a sexual nature will not be admitted to Sequoians.
  • Sequoians Inc. retains the right to decline entrance without cause.
  • Private homes, as well as numerous trailer and tent sites are located on the grounds. The property rights of those occupants should be respected.
  • A quiet time shall be maintained between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. The Recreation Hall is not included in this restriction.
  • Persons using the kitchen facilities must wash and return all dishes, implements, and equipment to their proper places in good condition after use.
  • Pets shall be confined to the parking, camping, or residential areas, and shall be inoculated against rabies in compliance with state and county regulations. Proof is required upon request.
  • While alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds for consumption by persons of lawful age, anyone who is consuming alcoholic beverages is expected to act responsibly, observe their personal limits, and always respect the rights and sensibilities of others.
  • Illegal drugs are strictly forbidden at all times.
  • Use trash containers and ashtrays for all refuse.
  • We have special containers for recycling glass, cans and plastic; please help us save the environment by recycling your glass, cans and plastic.
  • The club is not responsible for any lost items nor any injury incurred by members or guests while on the grounds.
  • Sexual harassment and sexist behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Embarrassing, harassing, and aggressive behavior is inappropriate to the Sequoian environment.
  • Inappropriate physical contact, intoxication, abusive, uncouth, or vulgar language or body language will not be tolerated. Behavior considered to be aggressive, offensive, harassing or discriminatory, or overtly sexually oriented will not be tolerated.


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